Great Moments In Yellow History

Gookipedia. China has always had a chip on their shoulder since the heydays of the Emperors. But, with their growing power, China feel more comfortable telling their version:

The first human being on the moon was Lu Hanstrong. He was a superspy who grew tired of his job. After successfully killing Kennedy and making CIA believe the Russians where behind it, he felt there where few challenges left on earth. So he developed an interest for the moon.

He undertook serious plastic surgery, reentered USA and infiltrated NASA where he quickly became the top astronaut and got selected for the moon landing. Actually the whole crew where Chinese. Do you think we where going to leave our best man in the hands of Americans? 

We saved a lot of money letting the squinty eyed do all the hard work. It took Hanstrong 1 second on the moon to understand this place it totally uninteresting. But he finished the walk and did the talk not to blow his cover. 

If you wondered why NASA lost contact right before showtime... they never lost it. What could that be? A planet blocking the signal? No, Hanstrong yelled out "This place is shit, it`s total rubbish. It`s nothing here. Absolutely nothing!!!"

After that China decided to end the space infiltration program and concentrate on earth. Through making cheap electronic goods and fooling the greatest companies to come make their brand products here and sel them back at home, we now monitor the entire world. Every kitchen, every room, every place you find electronic products made in China - we`re listening.