Hairdresser Know Who Shot John F Kennedy

Hairmaster. Wazo should have run for office, but he chose hair. The best do. It`s a huge problem.

-John F Kennedy was very close to become a hairstylist. But he knew that would get him killed. So we went with politics. But you could tell by his silver lining that he had taken the scissors with him to the White House. Sadly, it got the better part of him.

-It was always the hair that got him into trouble. He won the election showing off that smooth silk yellowish blond hair on tv during the debate with Nixon. Everybody think it was the make up. It was the hair.

-And Marilyn Monroe, what a piece of hair. Off course he fell for her. What a haircut.

-Poor boy, he had it coming. He was born Hair F Kennedy. Wisely changed to John F Kennedy... not as obvious. He should have stayed away like the rest of us.

-What makes us so damn good is our ability to cut, cut taxes, military expenses... it`s alway one of the two and we can do both cause we are so used to cutting. There is no budget in hell we can`t trim.

Photo Tony Martin (NT)