Wild Turkeys Survived Thanksgiving

Turkeyschwitz. The two tukeys had escaped from Olson Chicken Farm in Calcutta six years ago and have been living on the loose ever since.

-It`s rare that they get so old. Most are killed instantly at early adolescent. There`s no point keeping them alive until Thanksgiving when we can freeze them down. Just a waste of money, says Mr Olson.

He tells WMA that some of the Turkeys people eat have been frozen for years. -It`s like people who are frozen down and hope they can wake up in the future when science is up to their problem. Only the turks don`t ask for eternal life. They ask to be eaten.

Mr Olsen is not afraid that the two animals on the loose will return to rescue the others. -This is not Chicken Run, their stupid, they`ll never understand I treat them like Jews during World War 2. They don`t have the brains to see the similarities between me and Hitler.

-Could you imagine the Nazis eat Jews? Ugh! Let`s not go there.

Photo The Holy Hand Grenade!