Fed Up Joe Votes For The Candidate With The Dirtiest Smear Campaign

Smalltalk. -More than anything I want this election over with already. I feel like I`ve heard the arguments so many times they go on auto-repeat in my head. I need a few weeks to unwind, says Joe.

-If you ask me why I don`t care, I`ll tell you I do, but about the wrong issues. When I come home and take off these clothes, I`m an ashole. I don`t care about others. I don`t care about faking it either. I`m a selfish prick who thinks about me and me only. And I`m proud of it.

-When I hear about global warming, I don`t care, cause it happens after I die. It doesn`t affect me. You might say "what about your grand children?" Fuck èm! I want my SUV more.

Photo s.maentz