The World Has Had Enough, Time To Kill Off The Gaza Religions

Bombadilla life. -I don`t care who`s right anymore. It has come to the point where they have all wrong if they continue. Cut the crap or die, says all knowing hardass Billy Dickhead.

-From tomorrow I`m withdrawing my peace negotiations. If they still want to fight, let them fight. I`m not going to do anything to stop them anymore cause their not even trying. This is on them. No more mercy.

-I got other balls to fry, says Billy Dickhead while he solves the rest of the world problems and cuts the hair on his customer in Las Vegas, USA.

-I should be President... -I know, confirms Billy Dickhead to himself outloud. At this point the customer fakes an sms and leaves in a hurry claiming his 70 year old wife is giving birth.

Photo Physicians for Human Rights - Israel