Israel Plan To Invade Germany: -We See No Other Option

-The world already looks at us as the big Satan, We feel it`s time to live up
to our reputation for a change. We`re sick of not deserving it.
Goose-Strip. -We have been surrounded by problems ever since we got this peace of land. Was giving it to us some sick joke? asks Israels religious slash prime minister Netanyahu.

-The Germans owe us for WW2 and 65 years of hell. It`s time for major payback. And I can`t see any reason why they shouldn`t welcome us.

-We`ll fix the European economy in a minute. We`ll make the Turks seem like a small minority and we`re already brainwashed, so they don`t have to "make us fit into society", we actually work for a living.

Photo IsraelinUSA