SuperPack Guy Regret He Didn`t Buy Sri Lanka Instead of Mitt Romney

-At least I still got the cheese, aurgh!
Mine, MINE! -I thought you can always get Sri Lanka, but I didn`t have that kind of money twice, says all time rich guy and part time knucklehead.

-It was the human side of me who got the better part of me. It`s good to have an excuse when you bet 35 billion dollars on the wrong horse.

-It got to tempting having the president as my bitch. Giving him so much money he had to obey my wishes, like a dog on a leash... like having the President live in my White dog House... there`s something about money that corrupts the soul... mmm mm mmm m.

-Mm mmm m mmm m mmmm mm mm mmm m m.

-Yeah, there`s definitely something corrupting about 35 billion dollars... arrrrrghh!


Photo CarbonNYC