Donald Trump Desperately Tries To Convince Voters Obama Is A Terrorist By Not Finding Out

I`m fired. -The answer is the question my friend, says Donald Triumphant to whoever still listens to the old prick.

-I got my men looking into this. My men as in gay lovers. There`s a lot of male gold diggers out there desperat to do whatever to get their hands on some money. I don`t see the harm in abusing that against them, as long as their not terrorist muslims with a secret agenda to blow up America.

-They do everything the woman do and less. I`m not into the man on man or mano-a-mano thing, even dough I wear Armani. I prefer women and I hate it when my men overdo it. Then I mean my men as in mountain swallowers or money fuckers. God I hate it, but I understand it. I would have done the same if I wear in their position. I know where they come from. I worked my way up the chain too.

-I`m not surprised about the rumors Obama killed Kennedy cause I set them out. But to be sure I set my men to investigate further and they found some revealing facts. I would make a better president than Obama and Mitt Romney. True story. And I have an impressive dick. Every hooker in Vegas can confirm.

Photo Gage Skidmore