Fat Albert Talks About Crossfat

Pathmaker. -Hey! Hey! Hey! This is Bill Cosby coming at you with food and fun. If your not careful you might add a few pounds before I`m done.

-I work in lazyness now. I`m a PT. I coach people in fatness. And I`m one of the best. You`re guaranteed gaining weight if you hire me.

-I specialize in crossfat which is a new disipline in fatworks. It`s a combination of working infront of a pc all day long and watching tv when you come home. I`ve had customers whos put in an average of 17 hours a day and my god they look awful.

-I don`t recommend more than that cause you need 8 hours of sleep. Crossfat is tough on the body and you need to recover. You also need time to go the toilet so I recommend scheduling it into your program so you don`t loose a shit.

-It`s humiliating having poo fall down from you ass while your not aware of it and exposing it to others is not only grose and uneccesary. It is damaging for the sport. It hurts our reputation. We need a shitfree environment to make this movement grow.

Photo WilliamNilly