Patient Escaped From Hospital With Broken Leg

-I want my private life coming, coming back,
Hospitality. The patient was so full of durgs he didn`t know north from south west, but he knew he wanted to go to Buenos Aires and dance the tango. -Thats a tall order from Paris with trains, says the doctor who picked him up from the TVG station.

-It`s the fourth time he does something like this. He saw a documentary on tv about the flamingo dance in Argentina and suddenly he thinks he knows the language and can dance like a cabron.

-Last time he thought he was a professional soccer player for Real Madrid and ran across the stadion but naked yelling Gestapo! Before that he rang on people`s doorbell and said "mi casa su casa", walked right inn and ate from their fridge until he dropped.

Some patients are better off left alone.

Photo cookipediachef