Romney Looks At The Prospects Of Being A Used Car Salesman

-I`d like a future with that.
The tongue. -I`m not overwhelmed by it, no I`m not. not at all. In fact I`m appalled by it. But a salesman got to do what a salesman got to do. I could probably get Rent a Wreck into the major league amont rental car companies.

-I could also buy up a chain of pawnbrokers and turn it into fine wine stores selling the same shit. I can sell horseshit as pork or porkshit as beef.

-I could also get a job at McDonalds. I could get a job as a mormon.

-I could get caught trying to kill Obama in Presidential envy. I could join the boy scouts and start all over again. I could follow in Michael Jacksons footsteps, but that is not a good idea.

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