Earth Take Time-Out In Selecting The Next City To Destroy

Mamagedon. Word has it Mother Earth consider giving the moon a serious wake up call. -It hasn`t done much for me lately. Maybe I should get rid of it, says the mother of all gods.

-Every 5 million years I give birth to a planet. Humans stupidly mistake volcanoes for volcanoes... It`s a birth canal. I`m multi vaginal. Every month I have my period somewhere in the world. Mammals loose blod, I loose magma.

-Life didn`t begin at the big bang. It began at the big birth. She was my grandplanet, Mother space. She got billions of planets. All over. I`ll never forget her. We can`t live like that today. To many of us already. She was really swinging in space.

Photo Bluedharma