Guy Without Military Experience Spent $5000 To Look Like Latino Bond

Delicious. -Some call them college drop outs, but here at Diesel we like to call them customers, says the key account manager at Diesel Paraguay.

-There`s an awful lot of them. Rich American kids with too much money to understand the value of education. We like them. They come here on holiday thinking it`s much cheaper here and it is so we make special tripple price for you my friend.

-And they got a lot of friends. Lot.

-The Diesel Terrorist look sells like crazy. We gave it a touch of Che Guevara so both confused idiots and anti-Americans, where ever they come from, some even come from America...

-I personally get a kick out of those sells. Their special dollars to me. It`s fuck you with a twist and they don`t get it. But my bank account does.

Photo TheSLine