The World Has Agreed To Install Obama If Romney Wins

-We will probably use unecessary brutal force to complete the mission,
you know, for old times sake, says Put. 
Powervote. The United Nations, the African Union and the Asian Whatever has come to the conclusion the world will invade United States Of America and reinstall Obama in the White House if the American people choose Romney.

-Somebody has to tell them whats best for them. We like Obama, we like what he has done and we want him to continue that, says Vladimir Putin. -On behalf of all the other schmucks who lacks the balls to say it out loud. The Russian troops will bomb USA from the minute the result is wrong.

-Even the Syrians agree Obama is a better choice. They know whats coming if Romney gets the army. Total mayhem. We like weak America and we prefer weak America to continue. To our understanding it is best Bama continues. We don`t want to risk Romney actually succeed at getting the economy going.