Taking Down Armstrong Is Strauss Kahn`s Work

Judge Dreadful. He couldn`t go after the President, not even if Romney won. So he fried a smaller fish, says sources in the French government. Discussions about who they could fry went on for months before Kahn`s wife left him. Then it was that son of a bitch who won Tour de France way to many times.

WMA was surprised about Kahn`s willingness to discuss the accusations. He more than answered, he hit on our reporter and tried to drag her into a rom and rape her, but enough about that.

-We all knew that yankee was drugged. They all where, but it was god for our economy. They gave us much needed attention and money. So we let those rats work for us, says Kahn.

-As a thank you for arresting me for having sex with a prostitute in New York, we reveal one of the American countrymen`s bad action here. Unfortunately we can`t take anyone for having sex here. Thats why people come to France. It`s what we do. But some prefer to cycle. To us, that is a crime.

Photo World Trade Organization