Mountain Lucy Aims At Making The Cover Of National Geographic In 2 Million Years

-Few think about it, but archaeologists find homo sapiens like your
neighbour, not interesting people at all. They had to die and and stay
dead for thousands of years before anyone paid attention to them.
Out of this World. -After loosing American Idol I had a serious setback. I didn`t know who I was. I had these images of myself that nobody else had so I went into coma. When I woke up, two weeks later, enough time had passed so I could enter Canadian Idol without anyone noticing. Then loosing there I got serious problems.

-I understood I`ll never make it in this world. Everything I ever lived for suddenly disappears right infront of me without even happening. Right there and then I made a pack with myself, If I can`t make it in this life, I`ll make it in the next.

-I took on my boots and went hiking. My plan is to find the right spot where archaeologists of the future can find me intact. The only survivor of the electric age. I quite fancy the idea of Indiana Jones holding me in his hands and putting the world in motion to stop the evil doers from getting my body.

-I know I`m hot, but wait till the end of time and I`ll be on any fucking magazine cover! You know what they say: age before beauty. I`m going to prove them right!

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