Voter Killed Himself After Watching A String Of Negative Campaign Ads

RIP TV. After two hour of ads breaking into the programming every 15 minutes Brad was convinced both candidates would bring the nation to hell. In his farewell note he wrote it doesn`t matter who won. USA will blow up tomorrow anyway.

Psychiatrists says this reaction is normal and that their surprised not more people has killed themselves. Especially among 18-100 who can vote and watch a lot of tv. -We thought maybe the world population would drop by 10% since so few of them get to vote in this election. It would certainly hurt me, says Franco the psychiatrist.

-We where kinda hoping for a bost in medicine sales, not officially, off course. This kind of fear mongering can bring down whole nations. It`s not god for anything except us. And we don`t even have to endorse it. There`s no superpack, no campaign contributions. It`s pure profit, baby.

Photo dsb nola