US Speeds Up Border Fence Building To Stop Mexican Workers Return

The Mexican dream. US Border Patrol, formerly known for gunning down illegal immigrants, now face a different problem. The fuckers won`t come. -We have nobody to shoot at. They return voluntary, says US killing machine Barber Johnson.

-Thank God for drug trafficking. Otherwise we wouldn`t have anything to do. We could shoot monkeys.., but it`s not the same. They don`t have cash and there`s no status. Monkey business and monkeys is two different things. I learned that where the sun don`t shine.

Mexicans have been seen playing Bob Dylan`s Time Are A Changing right up in the faces off patrol guards moments before they piss over to the Mexican side. Who`s going to work the floor on K-Mart now? White people? Certainly not Mexicans. Their all driving Porche`s and BMWs now.

Photo Wonderlane