Earth Looks Forward To Celebrate New Years Eve For The 4.5 Billionth Time

Time flies. -Another year in space well done, says Earth in a fantasy interview with NASA to cheer up their spirit.

-NASA is always bragging about how well "mother earth" is considering my age. I know it`s bad manners to ask a lady how old she is, but when you reach my age...  nobody cares except historians and its not like I`ll shatter their illusion if I told them.

-Age get irrelevant with time. Do I remember anything from my first 3 billions years? No. Does it matter? No. What matter to me is to feel the warm sun on my surface as I travel trough space. It`s dark and cold out there. And it`s going nowhere. You realize that - with time. Happy new year!

Photo NASA Goddard Photo and Video