Bai`s Dream, If He Ever Got Access To Clean Water, Is To Drink Sodapops All Day And Die Of Diabetes

Two Worlds One Dream. -The only reason water can live with itself is that it lacks consciousness to understand how unfairly it is distributed. Water is essential for all life, but not intelligent life. A smart person would not build weather to transport H2O evenly around the globe.

-First time I saw clean water was a revelation to me. Up until then l then I had been brainwashed to believe water was either brown or yellow.

-But did the knowledge of how fucked up my world really was make my life any better? Quite the contrary. If I could prefer I would like to go back to the illusion I lived in. Kinda like a lot of rich fucks want to go back to living in poverty cause it`s better for them...

 Photo Harald Groven