It`s Official, Kim Jong-un Is As Stupid As His Dad

Dumb 3.0 -He`s an idiot, confirms CIA Analysts Secret Johnson, the unknown cousin of Ryan Seacrest.

-I have no knowledge of a cousin with that name, says Mr Seacrest, but adds respectfully... it must be true of it comes from the CIA. We all know we can trust them in times of danger. Wait... there`s no danger. Something is wrong here. I wonder why...

-Everybody on the group photo says he`s a moron. It took us forever to talk to all of them. We only have one spy in North Korea. Thank god they all look alike. Otherwise he would have been caught a long time ago.

-Long time ago. Long long long time ago. Our budget allow for one operativ in North Korea, most people would think that is not enough. It is! It`s more than enough. It`s so much more than enough we had to cut the job to a part time job. Thats how banal this whole situation is. Watching Kim is like staring at a banana. He is so fucking one dimensional.

-Foreigners think the country is closed. It`s not closed, it`s simple. Simple, simple, simple. It`s a place where intelligence doesn`t grow on trees.  place like this got 100% zero surprises. It`s all laid out. It`s all there in the Nort Korean manual. Get it and your job is done for the next 10 years. This shit doesn`t update like software.

-It`s old warehouse technology. Grey, boring, dysfunctional. Nothing dangerous. The only thing that can blow up here is their egos. Let them blow, baby. Let them blow, says Mr Who, another blowhard CIA know-it-all fuck everybody kind a guy.

-Suck my dick!

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