The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Not An Unexpected Hit

Ian McKellan: I`m a big ZZ Top fan and a beard activist.
Monsieur Hublot. -Nobody puts $150 million on the table and goes "Oh... what? Was it a hit?" They fucking beg for it. Their down on their knees schivering cause they can`t stand still. An unexpected hit, come on. It`s film business, not film charity, says Ian McKellan.

-The company already put aside another $300 million to make the same bet two more times. This is Film Street, not Wall Street. Use your brain, dimwit. Do you think I would be in this if I didn`t expect a smash hit?

-Well, I would, cause at my age you don`t care about those things anymore. You realise life is all there is and you try to squeeze out as much joy as you can from this journey. I could sit in an elderly home and brag about the old days and complain about these days, but I don`t. I choose to sit in a goofball costume half around the world.

-It doesn`t take a wizard to play a wizard, it takes not listening. Who in hell would ever advise me to do this when I went to school. No one, except me. I would... Listen to you heart bitch and your going to be all right.

Photo ianmalcm