Disabled Guys Enjoy Making Fun Of Functional People

-We meet here everyday and throw nasty comments at people. 
Mob Squad. -I know it`s bad to ridicule walkers, but I can`t help myself. It`s too funny. They have absolutely no comeback. What can they say to a person in an electric wheelchair? Thats why I rub it in. I really go for it. And when I`ve unloaded the full 9 yards of sarcastic jokes I ask for help. That leaves them speechless. Then I scream:"Are you not helping me?".

-I reload my mouth and spews out the jokes one more time. It`s beautiful. And the best part is... somebody else always comes to the rescue and help me while they give the person I ridicules the evil eye, says Tim.

-One guy I meet this way beat up the person as in really hard. It was like winning the lottery and getting laid at the same time. Not many think about that, but we don`t go to Hooters. For us it`s like, okay, we`re really steamed up now, where do we take it from here? Thats why we go to Hookers, says Donald.

-Yeah, says Arnie. There is no such thing as a rich disabled person. As soon as we get some extra its all in. We never stand a chance to save up. It`s against our nature.

 Photo National Assembly For Wales / Cynulliad Cymru