Hot Lawyer Enjoy Being The One Everybody Wants To Shag

Suck it. -While everybody focus on my good looks, no one notice I don`t do a damn shit at work, at home, at anywhere. The last time I actually did something is when I... hmm... when was that...? Must have been years ago.

-I get people to do things for me all time so I don`t have to do anything myself. Wouldn't it be mean to not take advantage of that? It`s ill spirited not receiving help from others. I`m a yes person all the way.

-Men complain that women micro manage things. I don`t. I macro manage. I run the entire fucking operation at the law firm. This floor is mine bitch!

-Since everybody wants me at the firm I date clients only. It`s actually good for business. The market we`re in is not so much into common values. The consumers prefer companies who brake the rules. I get a 15% share of the total gross expenses.

-My dad teached me that looks isn`t everything and that I needed to get an education so I had a profession the day my looks fade away. Well, guess what dad. I got 7 billion dollars in my bank. Who`s your daddy now?

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