French Gay Muslims Finally Gets A Place To Bend Over

On your knees boy. France has officially opened it`s first all gay Mosque outside Paris where Muslims are welcome to go do their thing and not be ashamed of it. How the hell they expect the Muslims to behave when not even the Christians can`t stand homosexuals is a question to be reckoned with.

Maybe this is the first issue where Muslims and Christians can agree on something. Maybe this is the first time all religions of the world, jews included, can find common ground and all be retards together.

Honest to God, who gives a shit where anyone put their dicks. As long as it`s not in your pasta... fuck it. There`s more important things to be dealt with. Let`s not make a mess out of our Genitalia Positioning System. It works perfect the way it is. As long as you let it follow the RoadMap to sex.

The reproductive organs where never designed to spread the word and create books.

Photo francisco_osorio