Chinese Customers Avoid Anything Assembled in USA

Shopsmart. -We don`t want crap. How can we trust they still remember how to put their shit together? If you look at their current financial crisis, that should be a big enough indicator. Besides, who wants anything designed in the 50`s? The world has moved on since Elvis`s hip shaking on the Ed Sullivan Show, says Jono.

-And why would I want to buy a problem when I can get a problem free devise, made in China, which work? Cause there is no products made in USA anymore. I would be crazy to buy anything claimed to be made there cause then you know it`s counter fit. It`s probably from North Korea, Somalia or some mountain village outside Kuala Lumpur.

-If it was designed in China I might buy it... depending on which city it was assembled. LA and any border town to Mexico is okay, but the further up north you go, the worse it gets. When you reach Alaska and the former Governor claims to see Russia from her house... and she`s not put to sleep, but even worse, selected for possible Vice Presidentship in the White House... you don`t buy stuff from people like that. You sell them stuff... like, medication.

Photo Wootang01