Chinese People Think USA Is Tiny

-It`s so small we have to squint our eyes to see it.
Ballseye! -It`s like the size of my balls, says Chau Ding. -And they owe me a lot of money!

America it`s like a spectacular feat of mediocracy... uh... democracy. I mean, that`s as good as it gets if you choose democracy. Ha ha ha ha. Democracy... Have you ever heard of democracy and freedom? Thats the best joke here.

-Like you don`t have to go to work in the morning. HA! HA! HA! What`s the point of democracy if you can`t sleep inn? As in you freely go to work. Like it`s an important part of your individuality. HAH!!! HAH!!! HAH!!! Suck my dick.

-Life`s a bitch and we`re honest about it. Yes, it`s a dictatorship, but at least we don`t walk around telling everyone they can be President one day. That`s some day, uh? Well, it ain`t happening and guess what? I got work to do.

Photo JasonDGreat