Media Mogul Builds Golf Course In The Sky

Skygolf. The sky course is planed to be above Beijing Capital International Airport. -I know the people in the communist party. They know how deep my mouth... pockets, excuse me, are. Besides, the fog is so awful nobody will notice, says Ching.

-Part of the reason to put it above the airport is I want to hit planes with golf balls, especially the onces who carry people I don`t like. The rest of the reasons is nobody have enough power to stand up against me.

-We only accept white Americans and Western Asians like Japs, Koreans, and Thais as caddies. No Chinese is allowed to work for minimum wage. Taiwanese will be hired to mow the lawn. They will be paid in non violence, a form of pre-insurance.

-Guest players can choose to access the course through skylift, helicopters and airdrop. Regular people has to climb up the building and are welcome to play if they survive. I especially encourage Europeans to try, Europeans and Americans, Canadians too...

-Anybody who has benefitted unfairly from our cheap labour of hate. Bankers, shop owners, manufatures, traders, customers,... everybody.

Photo The Point Residences