Wordsmith Still Cleaning Up After The Dirty Election

WordDirt. -I`ve never used so much foul language in my life. And now I have to travel around the country picking up all the bad words. I`m a deworder, as in deminer, with the whole world as my field. All those televised debates and superpack commercials messed it up. It`s shit everywhere, says Cool Obama.

-I work for Obama, I only work for the winners. I goes with the territory. Part of my job is to remove the other guy to. He`s defined as used words. That`s code for throw away. It`s better than the previous Pres... no way.

-I don`t know how I`m going to clean Haiti or New Orleans or New York or the Gaza Strip. It`s difficult to separate our words from theirs. Their so similar. So aggressive in tone. And they still seem to ned them.

-And then there is the internet. I don`t even want to get into it. Where do I begin?

-We need another 10.000 employees.

Photo aflcio