National Rifle Association Struggle To Recruit New Members

-I don`t know Bob, I`ve had the gun in my drawer for 15 years
and nobody has tried to break into my home. I`ve waited 15
years to blast that trigger. 15 years!!! Your killing me!!!!!!!!!!
Fun control. Thousands of Americans resign daily from the once popular organisation. It was formed in 1871 and became quickly popular among murderers.

Then gun lovers and people with weapon fetishes followed over the years. The growing arsenal of guns and ammo around the country soon became a national worry and the members of NRA had to defend their right to protect themselves.

-It simply isn`t enough dangerous people around to justify 315.000.000 weapons. Thats one pr citizen. We`re not all dangerous! ... well, we are if we keep walking around with these stupid guns.., says street Jane.

Photo laasB