Assassin Realize He Must Stop Wearing Sunglasses At Work

Wrongmandu. -I Keep killing the wrong people and the more I do it the harder it gets to take them off. I can`t face people as myself any longer. I need the cover. My eyes hurt, says Coldhearted Bastard.

-Before I could kill with a look. It was so much easier. Didn`t have to think about smuggling guns around the world, getting a silencer or cleaning up. There was nothing to clean up. No evidence to worry about other than me being next to all these people who die for no good reason.

-Surveillance cameras put an end to that lifestyle. Soon I was picked up by Interpool as highly suspicious and had to wear sunglasses to avoid the authorities. In my line of work, authorities is generally looked upon as a bad thing, unless they are the contractor, and they often are, through third person. So you never know with these people. I tend to lend my services to those who either have power, want power or is afraid of loosing power. Sooner or later there will be a fuck up.

Photo Ed Yourdo