The War On The War On Drugs Arms Up

-Our war is as unsuccessful as the one we`re fighting, but
thats not stopping us from playing more music.
Fightboy. -You got to fight for your right to fight, says Commander of Madness Joe Armsfeld at the Anti Everything Institution in Indianapolis, USA. -I hate Mexico, but that doesn`t mean I hate drugs. You can love drugs and still be a racist. This was a huge revelation for me.

-I don`t have to have a stake in whatever issue I´m fighting. It´s enough to fight. I´mean, you can´t expect me to have a clear mind and fight at the same time. That`s a moronoxy. It´s so stupid it´s for people with no warfare experience whatsoever.

-My experience is that as soon as you managed to get a fight going, you can keep it on forever. Nobody cares about logic anymore at that point. This is the stage for brutal force communication. I dig it. I feel so alive. It´s why I seek conflict. I fucking love it. Baby hit me one more time.

-I got a weak spot for some of those Britney songs. They bring out the worst in me.

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