Kim Jong Un Is The New Face Of Pork Chops

Fear of the Pig.
The Pig. The Supreme Bacon of North Korea has made a deal with Karl Lagerfeld to front the new dictator fragnance Porky the Pig. -How can I resist pouring bacon on that pig face says Lagerfeld. -It`s one of the joys of working in fashion. I get to do so much bizarre things. But this tops the list by far.

-We`re pursuading the guy to walk down the catwalk in his underwear. Oh God, this is like a Jesus moment. He is so close to doing it. He actually thinks he`s really hot so the convincing him to do it took 2 seconds. It`s getting him here thats the problem.

-Not like I would mind anything happening, if you get my drift. But he kinda get that. But his ego is bigger and that squeezes out all room for reflection in his brain. He will squeal for carpet.

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