Time Square Introduce Commercial Time

Great timing.
Time Squeal. -In short it means spend money now! Everybody empty their pockets and cash out or... we would love to say or you die, but then we get into trouble cause New York is in America... in a way. I mean... sort of. If you ignore the right stuff, like ethics and shit, says Ted Clockberg.

-We already got summer time. Why shouldn`t we have shopping time? Turn the clock back so the shops can stay open longer. 24 hour shops can have 24+1 hour opening hours. Thats amazing.

-What the world need now is one more hour of shopping every day. Schools, churches, workplaces should all close during shop hour.

-Hey, if your waiting for surgery, go shopping! If your waiting on death roll, why not shop until you drop? If your already shopping... double shop!

Photo George Rex