George Lucas Played Bass Guitar In Space Monkeys

-I wrote Han Solo with myself in mind. He had several huge gangbang
scenes that was, off course, never intended for the movie.
The Last Temptation Of Lucas. The former unknown band member played the bass guitar in all the original recordings and stage performances.

-We had an actor faking it on stage. It was a bit of a hassle when we went on tour cause he had to shut up about it, but in the studio recordings nobody cared, says manager Tyler Bullshit.

George threw millions into making a hologram bassist to see how far he could take it before anybody sniffed it's the Star Wars guy who's playing the strings.

-After touring with the hologram for 5 months he wanted to create an inception player for mass audiences. It was about that time we split up. We had it up to here with his tricks. "Can't you just play like the rest of us". "No, I've had it with fame" he said and walked away.

-He's the only person I've meet who's said that and meant it, from the bottom of his heart, not the top of his brain. I was so taken away I checked myself into rehab even I don't have a drug problem. I needed to fake something major to go that deep.

-Off course I forgot everything when I left the resort. The treatment centre refused to rehabilitate me cause I had no drug problem according to them. When I told George, he stopped answering my calls and we never played again, except in my dreams. He made a dream player, that bastard.

Photo The All-Nite Images