Doctor Gets $2.7 Million For Recommending Horseshit

Doctor cash. He willingly admits he is the type of person who would have done great working for Hitler. -I’m very versatile, I got few standards, I would have done great with Stalin and Mao too, says the doctor who’s building a new home with 17 bathrooms.

-My latest wife always ask me the same question. What are we going to do with all this money? And I tell her: more bathrooms. Why? Cause I’m full of shit.

-I marry cause I forget their names. It’s easier that they're all “wife”. It’s a role they step into and they all play really well to begin with.

-It’s the bathroom part they can’t handle. Why do you spend all your money on bathrooms? It’s the same whining every time. It’s so disappointing. I think I’ve found the right one and she turns out to be hollow.

Photo dno1967b