Bassem Youssef Taken Off The Air. Egypt, You Got A Long Way To Go

Springtime for Hitler. -Bassem Youssef has left the building and is on his way to the United Arab Emirates, says audience manager Rafael at CBC studios in Cairo.

-You are free to stay, but the army is coming in 2 minutes to clear the area and destroy all remains of the show.

-Yes, you will die if you stay. Any more question? No, there is no prosecution waiting for Bassem Youssef if he returns. He will be executed on site.

-No, John Oliver is not welcome to take his spot while he is gone. A British comedian? Are you mad?

-Yes, we could build 5 hospitals with the money we currently spend to get Bassem Youssef's face off the earth. If you count the entire run of his show it's closer the half the military budget, 75% is closer to half.

-We have always seen him as a bigger threat to the Middle East than Saddam, Assad and the Ayatollah put together. We can't publicly put out a fatwa on him. We need the foreign aid too much, but we all have wet dreams about it and if we pull the plug he is the first to go.

-No, previous seasons will not be syndicated. There will be no reruns - ever! The Bomb Squad is eliminating the episodes as we speak.

Photo Public Domain