The Tiny Little Island Scooped 29 Gold Medals. That`s F#%@ Insane!

Some argue Great Britain never left being the worlds
number one country. They just kept it a secret. That must
 have been a well kept secret, says others. 
Homerun. Considering it`s only 51 million of them, it equals China getting more than 1000 goldies!!!

-I know says the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. It`s why we hosted the games. To show the world once and for all we`re back on top.

-Maybe not in politics or defense spendings, but definitely on a human level. Look at us, we`re the best. Who doesn`t want to shag us!

-Even Hitler would have given up his race shit for this. That`s one for the Queen, baby. Hit it Madam! Yeah! Touchdown! Strike the pose! Yeehaa! Who rules the world? Britannia!!!!

 Photo  Dave Catchpole