The Tiny Little Island Scooped 29 Gold Medals. That`s F#%@ Insane!

Some argue Great Britain never left being the worlds
number one country. They just kept it a secret. That must
 have been a well kept secret, says others. 
Homerun. Considering it`s only 51 million of them, it equals China getting more than 1000 goldies!!!

-I know says the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. It`s why we hosted the games. To show the world once and for all we`re back on top.

-Maybe not in politics or defense spendings, but definitely on a human level. Look at us, we`re the best. Who doesn`t want to shag us!

-Even Hitler would have given up his race shit for this. That`s one for the Queen, baby. Hit it Madam! Yeah! Touchdown! Strike the pose! Yeehaa! Who rules the world? Britannia!!!!

 Photo  Dave Catchpole

Most Humans Still Alive Half Way Through Trumps Presidency

-Humanity will survie Trump, says Ali Baba junior, he got less than 2 years left, there's not enough time to kill 7 billion people. ...