Mongolia Got Zero Gold Medals As Expected

Low expectations. They never stood a chance against the power nations. You would think they did since they get all this high mountain air training naturally, but once again it boils down to money.

-Their poor. The Olympics is for the wealthy... or the poor and wealthy. If a nation has enough poors they can always squeeze out some juice and create a small rich athletics club to bring back the trophies, says the current President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge.

-But you need a lot of poors to squeeze out enough milk to feed the few. China needed 1.4 billions to get 37 gold medals. Thats one advantage with the finance crisis. Europe will improve considerable in sports. Especially if the Euro collapse. Then they`ll win everything. Might as well call it the European Games. The only thing holding China back from total domination is the booming economy. Who wants to run for their lives when they can sit at home and watch it on tv?

-It takes a crazy person or a poor country to do that. Honestly, the carrot doesn`t work in real life. Not even in disguise as a medal. You have to be on a fairytale level to buy it. If your poor you`ll buy anything, not cause you believe in it, but because it`s the only offer. If your crazy you`ll buy it not because it`s the only offer, but because you believe in it.

In the end it`s the once who dare think they can win who end up winning. Not because they are the best, but they where the only one doing it.

 Photo scjody