Curiosity Found Elvis`s Diary On Mars

Space King. Elvis has left the planet, but he left his thoughts. The reading is brain damaging to Elvis fans. His real name is Yro Bruss and he`s from the planet Moskis in outer space.

-He came to us as part of a science project, says Nasa engineer Porky Fanhill. He was a student at Buster High and got picked out to play music on earth cause nobody in his class would volunteer.

-When he came here he was not prepared he had to make the music as well. Neither the career. What he thought was a long weekend at earth turned into a 42 year long liferide. At the end he would do anything to get home to space. Even kill himself. Witch he apparently did hundreds of times, but he kept waking up. So he had to fake it and travel away.

-The last page is ripped off, but the last words reads "Earth, I love you guys, but I love space better. That`s where I belong. Space, sweet space".

 Photo NASA Goddard Photo and Video