The Inexpendables Old Guys

Punch above your age.  
Still going old. -Do you want to watch old fit people or young fat people? says the casting director at Hollywood Star Agency.

-We busted our balls trying to find young actors to beat up, but they where all fat, says Arnold.

-It`s the reason this movie came about. It`s an ensamble peace originally intended to showcase young talent, but there wheren`t any. They where all fat.

-So they went to Sly, rumours had it he was still working out and the producers asked him can you still do this? Then he said a lot of stuff nobody understood and the producers decided to just sign him and pretend they got it.

-Casting the rest of the roles was the easiest job Hollywood Star had ever done. It took 2 minutes. In fact it took only one minute, no wait it took 2. My memory is getting sloppy. Anyway... The only fit people left in USA was us so they had no choice unless they wanted to turn it into a French gay movie.

-They had to change a few lines to make the story age relevant. "Who`s your granddaddy" instead of "Listen, bitch" and "Put on your seatbelt" instead of "I`m gonna fuck you up so bad even Satan think it`s enough"... Big deal. As long as I get to kill alot of people on screen I`ll say whatever they put in my mouth. It`s not the words that counts, its the body count.

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