South Africa Is Not Keen On Europe After The Finance Crisis

-I like it when white people bow. Oh I like it, says Zuma.
Zumatheid. It has long been a weet dream among ANC to rule their old landlords, but the ongoing financial crisis in Europe has made it less and less desirable.

-It`s not fun to own a bunch of looser`s when they got nothing. We had plenty. Off course they wanted us, everybody did... I`mean do... including us. Which is why I decided to keep the Apartheid goldmine instead of going after Europe.

-It was easier. To get Europe I needed a fully educated population. I would need 50 million people to guard that continent, but now that I can`t cash in on it. Why educated South Africa? It`s better for me to keep things the way they where.

-People will buy that Mandela shit another 20 years. Then I`m too old anyway.

Photo World Economic Forum