Juan Antonio Samaranch Said This Is The Best Games Ever 11 Times

The joker
Samurai. What a liar!!!!!!! They can`t all be the best. Some of them has to be crap.

In an interview with the Spanish Plauge shortly before he passed away, he revealed most of them sucked, especially the French, which is why they never got the games in his time.

-I hated them. Always bragging about their wine and bla bla bla bla bla. This is a sporting event. Cut the haute couture. We`re not putting on a fashion show here. It`s not a special interest event like the French Cinema. It`s the bloddy Olympics!

-The only thing I wish people understood is that bribes is absolutely crucial to selecting the host nation. If they can`t make us happy, how can they please the world? It takes money. And courage. If you got the balls to do that, we know your up for the task.

-You know, we can`t hold this game in a backyard. It`s not the toilet games or the development games. It`s the Olympics, bitch.

Photo Kremlin.ru