Tucker Is Positive Peeing Out The Window Can Stop The Wildfire

-I drink too much beer... I'll kill two birds with one stone.
Crash dance. -Especially with a huge hose like mine. If every by-passer gave to the cause, it might go away.

Firefighter Dan Hanson says he has tried many times and that it's a bad idea.

-Especially since you have to get so close. I know Tucker thinks he's loaded, but compared to our equipment, 20 centimetres isn't much to brag about.

-I know for a fact that dinosaur's put out fires like that, so Tucker isn't completely thick, he just hasn't evolved much since then. There's still tribes in the Amazons who practise it, but then again, there you go...

-It wouldn't surprise me if I saw a pissfire car crash video on youtube one of these days. It would surprise me more if I didn't.

Photo DBduo Photography