Catherine Reads Between The Pictures To find A Deeper Meaning

Toiletpaper. -I'm a business woman so I need to be informed about whats goes on in the world. I can't rely on my male colleague's cause they only watch the photos. They flip through it like a family album.

-I'm surprised so many of these stories are written by men cause so few of them seem to read these days.

-It's like they all forgot how to do it overnight when the iPad came. At least thats how they behave. I'm amazed some of them can still put together a text message. It' a lot of words to remember for a guy who hardly use them.

-We have to simplify the English language otherwise we will soon get a male population who can't read or write. The number of words has to be reduced to at least half by 2020. Our culture is at stake here.

-If we don't acknowledge that men wont be able to write their own name in 5 years our culture will disavow. Who wants to admit they don't understand anything?

-But we have the technology to save us. Ironically, it's the same touchscreen technology who caused the problem, much like writing itself killed off the oral tradition.

-Wow, we have gone full circle, it's back to pointing now. So much development for so little progress. It's insights like this that makes me realise Britain never stopped being a development country. And I traveled all the way from Pakistan to understand that.

-I thought "we are all the same" meant we are all great - not poor. Damn! I want to see my Grandma.

Photo VirginMoney