Disappointing Few Druggies Have Emigrated To NZ After The Legalisation

NZ Hammer. -Where is all the money? Why should we keep up with this drugs is good if we don't see any money? Show me the money or Cuba Gooding Jr gets it.

-Drugs isn't any better than greed in huge quantities. Haven't we learned anything from Michael Douglas in Wall Street?

-The attitude who brought us the finance crisis. Oliver Stone should never made that films. That film caused the black Monday in 1987 and what does he do? Make it again.

-It's all Michael Douglas fault. Same with the Vietnam war. It's his fault. If he wasn't such a great actor we wouldn't be in this shit now. We wouldn't fall for his showmanships once again in Wall Street 2. God damn, we knew what he was up to. That son of a %&$*@. I want my money back.

-What is he doing these days. Playing a fag? Watch out. He's fooling us. Just like Liberace. Dressing like a pimp while he eats cock for supper. The guys full of shit, figuratively speaking. Did I mention I'm a liberal? I'm appalled by it.

Photo US Embassy New Zealand