Syria Will Probably Never Get The Olympics

Waria. Even when promising not to use chemical weapons, IOC still refuse Assad to host the games.

-A hundred years ago he could. Syria had the quality we looked for then, safe bribery, says IOC-digger Toni Belarado.

-Who wants to receive gifts from Assad today? I'm not risking my IOC membership for the worlds most wanted dictator. 

-I'm not risking ending up on CIA's terrorist list. Besides, IOC also have to think about the safety of the athlete's, the audience and the broadcasting deals. That's where the real money is.

-If there was any, they could get the Autumn Games, tops.

-The Assad regime is a natural destination for a terrorist game. If they could manage to organise anything else than car bombings… but I think their stuck with car bombings.

Photo hjalmarGD