Hollywood Star Finds Commercials More Satisfying Than Blockbusters

Bad to the bone. -Artistically speaking their more fulfilling on every level. The movies I make these days feels like 30 second ads who's stretched out to 2 hours, sometimes 3, says Christopher Walken.

-After the 70s I never thought I'd see the day I'd sell my body for clothing. Sex, drugs maybe, but never clothes.

-Today I choose my roles from what the character wear. If the wardrobe is hot, there should be enough skeletons in the closet to cary a whole movie.

-I can't have every picture I'm in rely on my own bone. I only deliver in my screen time. When I get a small part, I throw them a small bone. If I get a big part, they get a huge bonejob. Thats why I like these small commercials cause its all bone.

-It's one boning after another boning. Just boning and boning and boning. When you reach my age quality matters. I ain't got time for shit.

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