Vatican City Threatens To Blow Up North Korea

Here the Pope inspects a Vatican soldier who is far more advanced than
the North Korean counterpart. 
Attack of the teenage mutant ninja catholics. The new Pope on the block has decided to attack North Korea with Gods help.

-There comes a time when certain people needs to be put down. Little Kim has in his brief time as head of state caused more damage to the world than most dictators do in a lifetime.

-I had a chat with God last night. I asked him if it is ok to take out Kim. He didn`t answer. I take that as a silent yes.

-It`s a great way to reestablish the respect for the Catholic Church. Nobody else seems to be able to handle North Korea and we need to show the world that we still matter. That we can handle explosives and use it in a positive way.

Photo BostonCatholic