Man Held Captive In Front Of PC For 20 Years By Himself

Consumption lowway. The self-terrorist had a revelation when he saw the first iPhone online.

-I can`t believe they had to make 5 of those before I noticed it, but I was never outside. I never saw anybody use it cause I was in my basement. And the tailored ads never featured it. How could I search for something I didn`t knew existed?

-With this I can walk around. I can take part in society while I torture myself in a civilised manner. This is a huge step forward for mankind. It`s like walking on the moon. And I can even get access to big mobile torture tools like the iPad. This is insane. With that screen size I can deep fry my brain in public.

Most people WMA speak to does not have much sympathy for the self-terrorist. -I was captivated 20 years at work. It was spread over 60 years, but I still spent 20 years in that hole. We all have. The guy only pities himself.

Photo Kevin Walter